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Jan 7, 2014

Alpine Debuts 9-Inch X009 AVN System For Trucks and SUVs

Alpine X009

Alpine has shattered all previous notions of what can be done in the dashboard with the debut of the largest Audio/Video/Navigation (AVN) system in the North American aftermarket. The X009 system will be unveiled today at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place Jan. 7-10, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Two years ago, Alpine introduced the groundbreaking INE-Z928HD AVN system with an 8-inch WVGA screen, the only one available for the aftermarket AVN system throughout 2012 and 2013…

Jan 7, 2014

Alpine Announces New 8" And 7" AVN Systems

Alpine INE-Z928HD

New Audio/Video/Navigation (AVN) systems from Alpine debuted today at the 2014 International CES, taking place Jan. 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The AVN systems are available in four screen sizes.

Two years ago, Alpine introduced the largest aftermarket AVN system available in North America, the INE-Z928HD. The matching Perfect F.I.T. (Factory Integration Technology) dash kit solutions offered professional, factory-finish dash trims to complement the 8-inch monitor. This year, the company is introducing the X008U, which is the second generation of the 8-inch AVN system. The X008U is compatible with the existing Perfect F.I.T…

Jan 8, 2013

Alpine Introduces 2013 Audio/Video/Navigation System Lineup

Alpine INE-Z928HD

Alpine is expanding its audio-video-navigation (AVN) system lineup by offering the systems in three different screen sizes. They will be displayed at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place Jan. 8-11, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In 2012, Alpine introduced the groundbreaking INE-Z928HD AVN system with an 8-inch WVGA screen; the largest screen available for the aftermarket. For 2013, Alpine’s AVN system lineup welcomes the addition of two new products, the INE-W927HD with a 7-inch screen and the INE-W940 with 6.1-inch screen. Rounding out the lineup is the INE-S920HD with a 6.1-inch screen, which continues from 2012…

Jun 20, 2012

Alpine INE-S920HD AV/Navigation System Now Shipping

Alpine INE-S920HD

Alpine has announced the shipping of the INE-S920HD Audio/Video/Navigation (AVN) system. This new AVN system features a 6.1-inch WVGA screen and built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology…

Jan 6, 2011

Alpine Electronics Launches The INA-W910 Audio/Video/Navigation System

Alpine INA-W910

Alpine has combined integrated navigation features, comprehensive media playback options, hands-free calling, and Alpine’s renowned sound quality – into one easy-to-use unit. The INA-W910 audio/video/navigation (AVN) system is loaded with today’s highly desired digital sources for entertainment and information. The INA-W910 is ideal for system building and can serve as the base for any size system.

The INA-W910 is a 2-DIN system with a 7-inch WVGA motorized display. Besides being an AM/FM/CD/DVD receiver, it offers the best in digital audio sources. HD Radio® comes built into the INA-W910, a first for an Alpine 2-DIN system…

Feb 3, 2010

Alpine Ships INA-W900 Audio/Video/Navigation Unit

Alpine iNA-W900

Alpine today announced that the company is shipping its new INA-W900 All-in-One Audio/Video/Navigation Receiver. Large icons, direct source buttons and a simplified intuitive interface allow drivers to easily manage navigation functions and control all of their digital sources and driver-assist products when on the move.

The INA-W900 AM/FM/CD/DVD receiver has a built-in proprietary navigation system, including pre-loaded maps of the U.S. and Canada with more than 6 million Points of Interest (POIs) and voice-guided turn-by-turn driving instruction. The system also uses Alpine’s innovative OnPoint™ Advanced GPS Positioning to deliver a superior navigation experience…

Jan 10, 2010

Alpine 2010 Navigation Products Lineup

Alpine iNA-W900

For consumers seeking sleek in-dash navigation options, Alpine offers flexible options to suit consumers’ desires. With the all-in-one INA-W900 2-DIN Audio/Video/Navigation Receiver or the NVE-M300 GPS Navigation Drive, users can have a robust navigation system at their fingertips.

Both the INA-W900 and NVE-M300 offer Alpine’s innovative OnPoint™ Advanced GPS Positioning to deliver a superior navigation experience. OnPoint ensures that the vehicle stays accurately positioned on the map, even in areas where it’s difficult to receive GPS reception, such as in a tunnel or around tall buildings…

Sep 17, 2009

Alpine Debuts New 2-DIN Audio/Video/Navigation Solution With Built-In Bluetooth For $1,100

Alpine iXA-W407

Today’s consumers expect to integrate their favorite digital sources into their vehicle’s system. As a new solution for these consumers, Alpine today introduced the iXA-W407. The iXA-W407 is Alpine’s newest 2-DIN Digital Media Station, with optimized iPod®/iPhone® playback, large 7-inch touch screen and built-in Bluetooth™ powered by Parrot. Now shipping, the iXA-W407 is also available as a complete Audio/Video/Navigation (AVN) package for $1,100, which includes the NVE-M300 GPS Navigation Drive. (See pricing and availability below for more details.)

Jul 13, 2009

Alpine Electronics Delivers New In-Dash Navigation Solutions

Alpine NVE-M300

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of audio and navigation solutions, today introduced the new NVE-M300 GPS Navigation Drive. This high-performance black box navigation module makes it easy to add turn-by-turn navigation functionality to Alpine’s iXA-W404 and IVA-W505 Audio/Video (AV) head units. Adding the NVE-M300 to these products results in two unique Audio/Video/Navigation (AVN) solutions…

Mar 17, 2009

Alpine Electronics Ships New PND-K3MSN Portable Navigation Unit

Alpine PND-K3MSN

Alpine today announced that its PND-K3msn portable navigation system with MSN® Direct is now shipping. The new PND-K3msn enhances the navigation experience on the road by delivering useful information like traffic and weather updates into the car, allowing drivers to make more informed decisions to help them get to their destinations…

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