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Jan 7, 2014

Alpine Debuts 9-Inch X009 AVN System For Trucks and SUVs

Alpine has shattered all previous notions of what can be done in the dashboard with the debut of the largest Audio/Video/Navigation (AVN) system in the North American aftermarket. The X009 system will be unveiled today at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place Jan. 7-10, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Two years ago, Alpine introduced the groundbreaking INE-Z928HD AVN system with an 8-inch WVGA screen, the only one available for the aftermarket AVN system throughout 2012 and 2013. The matching Perfect F.I.T. (Factory Integration Technology) dash kit program was concurrently launched, allowing consumers to get professional, factory-finish dash trims to complement the oversize 8-inch monitor in the dash. For 2014, the company is truly charting new territory with the 9-inch AVN system.

Alpine X009

Alpine X009

“Truck and SUV owners will find that the new 9-inch X009 AVN system takes the large screen concept to an entirely new level with brand new features and thoughtfully designed control keys that match their vehicle,” said Steve Crawford, vice president and general manager, aftermarket business unit, Alpine “The 8-inch AVN system continues to be a great success, as we have given thousands of consumers a large screen aftermarket experience not available from any other aftermarket brand, and we are ready to push forward with an even more unique option.”

Custom Designed External Keys For Various Trucks And Suvs

Totally unique to the 9-inch AVN system are new external keys that fully replace the factory radio knobs. The keys are custom designed to match the lighting color, shape and style of specific truck and SUV models. The first version to market will be the X009-GM, which consists of the 9-inch AVN system and custom external key set for 2007-2013 GM trucks and 2007-2014 GM SUVs with the low-radio dash style. The X009-GM has back-lit keys in the same green hue used on the factory dash. The buttons are located on the right and left of the 9-inch screen for a fully integrated look.

Each will consist of the X009 9-inch AVN system and an external key set designed to match the specific vehicle. A universal application version (X009U) will also be offered for use in custom installations.

Included iDataLink Maestro Module

The X009 retains many of the factory vehicle controls through the included iDatalink Maestro module, and a dedicated hard key provides access to the iDatalink features. Users can choose customized vehicle information (diagnostic data, gauge screen, parking assist screen, etc.) to be viewed on the screen. Examples of factory features that can be retained through the X009 include: OnStar from GM, SYNC from Ford, factory amplified system, rear seat entertainment system, rear view camera, SiriusXM, and steering wheel controls (retained features and customized vehicle information vary by vehicle model).

“Truck and SUV owners will find that the new 9-inch X009 AVN system takes the large screen concept to an entirely new level with brand new features and thoughtfully designed control keys that match their vehicle,”

Tuneit 2.0 Sound Tuning And Sharing App

The X009 is compatible with Alpine’s exclusive TuneIt 2.0 smartphone app. TuneIt debuted in 2013 and is an easy-to-use sound tuning app which offers Facebook notifications. Users download the free app onto their iPhone or Android smartphone and create a user profile with information about themselves, their vehicle, and their Alpine sound system. They can follow the simple instructions to adjust sound settings (like Time Correction, Parametric EQ and Crossover) for their specific vehicle, or choose from the pre-made settings in the database. Users can share settings and rate settings made by others. The sound setting activities are done through a graphical user interface on the smartphone. The phone only needs to be connected when downloading the sound setting into the X009; this connection can be done through USB for iPhone or through Bluetooth wireless technology with a compatible Android smartphone.

Now in its second generation, new features added to TuneIt 2.0 include increased vehicle choices for easier profile set-up, an expanded database of Alpine speakers and subwoofers for more precise sound system tuning and Bass Engine SQ tuning. Bass Engine SQ tuning is a new feature that changes bass sound characteristics by automatically adjusting different combinations of EQ, Sub Level and Crossover settings through the choice of five bass profiles (Standard, Punch, Rich, Mid Bass, Low Bass).

Users are notified of incoming activity on their Facebook wall through a pop-up message on the X009 screen, showing the name and photo of the sender. If the user chooses to accept the notification, TuneIt 2.0 will play the message back via text-to-speech and the user can “Like” the message through the press of a button. When the vehicle is parked, the user can view posted photos and messages or play back messages via text-to-speech.

Audio Features

Audio features available on the X009 AVN system include:

  • HD Radio Technology: The X009 has a built-in HD Radio receiver for free, crystal clear digital sound from the over 2,000 AM and FM stations broadcasting with HD Radio Technology. Alpine’s MediaXpander technology also provides further enhanced sound quality to HD Radio channels by adding back missing harmonics in compressed media.
  • Pandora internet radio: The X009 can control Pandora from iPhone and Android smartphones. Users can create new Pandora stations, rate songs with the thumbs up or down rating system, and bookmark songs for later purchase from the unit’s touchscreen.
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio: The X009 is compatible with SiriusXM when used with the SXV200 Vehicle Connect Tuner Kit (sold separately, subscription required). SiriusXM features include: Pause, rewind, and replay up to 30 minutes of missed content from any Smart Favorite channel; start songs from the beginning when tuned to any Smart Favorite music channel using the TuneStart feature; scan and select songs on Smart Favorite music channels with TuneScan. Customers purchasing the SXV200 will receive a three-month All Access Package subscription from SiriusXM with access to every satellite radio channel, including all premium content, as well as SiriusXM Internet Radio access outside the vehicle.
  • iPod and iPhone: The X009 is “Made for iPod and iPhone” compatible and has rear USB access.

Video And Navigation Features

    The X009 has a full WVGA high-resolution screen for crisp, detailed picture quality. It has Independent Dual Zone, which lets drivers use a source in the dash, while the back seat passenger enjoy a separate video on the rear seat screen (optional screen sold separately). The X009 has MHL compatible HDMI inputs, allowing for flexible connectivity to a wide variety of mobile devices.

    Alpine’s proprietary navigation interface includes pre-loaded maps of the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada and more than seven million Points of Interest (POIs). Major landmarks, buildings and terrain details are depicted in 3D. Driving directions are delivered through text-to-speech announcements, and the highway services list displays the services available at each exit (gas, food, ATMs, etc.) to help drivers make quick decisions while en route. The system comes with a free lifetime traffic monitoring service.

    Bluetooth Wireless Technology Features

    The X009 uses Alpine’s advanced Bluetooth wireless technology. Ease-of-use features include secure simple pairing (SSP); phone battery, cellular signal level and received message icons; as well as call waiting. Sound quality features include MediaXpander technology, improved audio streaming, and enhanced phone call sound quality. A specially-designed microphone is built into the external keys for the best sound quality during calls.

    Enhanced “My Favorites” Customizable Settings

    The X009 has the popular “My Favorites” feature, which lets users customize quick-access screens with up to eighty shortcuts to their most-used features. Two separate users can each design up to ten Favorites page profiles of eight shortcuts per page. Shortcuts can be created from audio sources, navigation commands (favorite places direct search, nearest Point of Interest [POI] search), and phone settings (favorite person direct call). The shortcuts are easily added by pressing the shortcut soft key that appears within all audio and hands-free sources. The Alpine system recognizes each user’s profile (via Bluetooth wireless technology from his or her smartphone) and automatically loads the user’s system preferences when he or she enters the vehicle.

    X009-GM 9-Inch AVN System For 2007-2013 GM Trucks/2007-2014 GM Suvs

  • Largest aftermarket AVN full-system screen
  • Direct fit for GM vehicles, with premium feel and finish
  • HD Radio receiver built-in
  • Works with Pandora internet radio for iPhone and Android
  • Made for iPod and iPhone
  • iDatalink Maestro module included
  • Siri Eyes Free Mode
  • SiriusXM-Ready (SXV200 Connect Vehicle Tuner Kit sold separately, SiriusXM subscription required)
  • BT Plus Bluetooth wireless technology with audio streaming
  • Free lifetime NAVTEQ Traffic RDS
  • My Favorites customizable profile setting
  • iPersonalize sound field setting feature
  • Direct input for rear or front camera systems
  • Nine-band parametric EQ with time correction and MediaXpander Pro
  • 4V pre-amp outputs
  • Built-in 18W x 4 amplifier (at CEA-2006 rating)
  • Rear USB port
  • Steering wheel remote ready
  • Available: June
  • SRI: TBA

The following X009 variations will be released in 2014. Each comes with the X009 AVN system and external key set. Availability and pricing are TBA.

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