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Feb 11, 2010

Garmin-Asus Nüvifone A50: An Android Smartphone With GPS and Location Services

Garmin Asus Nüvifone A50

Garmin-Asus, a co-branded alliance between Garmin® Ltd., and ASUSTeK® Computer Inc., today announced the Garmin-Asus nüvifone A50, a touchscreen Android-powered smartphone with multiple location technologies and apps. The A50 benefits from the personalization and enhanced features offered by the Android platform, and also includes Garmin navigation with turn-by-turn, voice prompted directions for use in a car or while walking. Location features are designed into virtually every function including email, text messaging, and photos…

Feb 11, 2010

Garmin-Asus Announces Nüvifone M10 With Windows Mobile 6.5.3 OS

Garmin Asus Nüvifone M10

Garmin-Asus, a co-branded alliance between Garmin® Ltd., and ASUSTeK® Computer Inc., today announced the Garmin-Asus M10, a full-touch, all-in-one smartphone powered by the latest version of Windows Mobile® from Microsoft Corp. The M10 keeps professionals connected with business and personal contacts, email, calendar and IM, in addition to featuring preloaded mobile navigation from Garmin. The M10 is expected to be available through carrier and retail channels in Asia and Europe in the first half of 2010…

Oct 26, 2009

Garmin-Asus Nüvifone M20 Now With Windows Mobile 6.5

Garmin Nüvifone M20

Garmin-Asus, a co-branded alliance between Garmin® Ltd. and ASUSTeK Computer Inc., today announced that the nüvifone M20 - an all-in-one phone, mobile web-browser and premium navigation system - is now available with Windows Mobile® 6.5. Users will be able to enjoy the host of improvements that Windows Mobile 6.5 provides, such as large touch-optimized icons, mobile applications via Windows Marketplace for Mobile, and the convenient Microsoft® My Phone service.

With Windows Mobile 6.5, the new nüvifone M20 boasts interface improvements, such as large touch-optimized icons and a streamlined Home screen, and comes preloaded with Facebook…

Jul 15, 2008

Asus Introduces New Looks For Its Respected Mini GPS PDA Phone P320

Asus P320

ASUS today announced the availability of two new finishes – lustrous pink and pearlescent white – for its popular mini GPS PDA phone, the ASUS P320. With its ultra compact form, slender styling and light weight, the original P320 was an instant hit with the global fashion-savvy community; and the introduction of these new colors further solidifies its status as the PDA phone of choice for those with an immaculate taste in fashion…

May 23, 2008

Go Big With Mini GPS Pda Phone

The exceptionally elegant ASUS P320 Mini GPS PDA phone was designed for the fashion-conscious who are constantly admired for their accessories – including their handheld choices. The P320's presents an ultra compact form that makes it feel almost weightless in a lady's palm. Its fashionable outlook is slim and slender, and is molded with round curves that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And yet, this beauty is not just skin deep, as a wide range of features make it equally powerful and intelligent – all packed in neatly with an original and exclusive interface developed by ASUS.

With a chic and fashionable outlook, the P320 is a sure eye-catcher…

Apr 14, 2008

Secure, Lightweight And Convenient Navigation On-The-Move

Following the successful launch of the ASUS R300 PND, ASUS, leading producer of cutting-edge handhelds, has released two exclusive packages aimed at providing support for users who utilize bicycles as a mode of transport. The ASUS R300 PND is an innovative GPS device that is only 1.38cm thick and 140g in weight – making it ideal for portability, whether placed in the car, carried in the user's pocket or snapped on easily to bicycles through a specially designed mount…

Jan 16, 2008

Navigate Via Easily Recognized 3d Landmarks

Catering to users who require a top-notch PND for their GPS navigation needs, ASUS, producer of high quality handhelds, has released the ASUS R700/R700t PND. This handy gadget is not only convenient for inputting routes via a user-friendly interface; the realistic 3D Maps provide a 3D panoramic view that makes it simple for users to navigate complicated and multi-level junctions. The R700/R700t also features a vast array of applications that include Bluetooth Handsfree functions to provide a smoother, safer drive; and the TMC (Traffic Message Channel) module for instant traffic updates (TMC feature is support by R700t only)…

Jan 8, 2008

Asus P527 GPS Smart Phone Revolutionizes Cellular Experiences

ASUS, today announced plans to launch its award-winning GPS smart phone in the United States early this year.

The P527 took home the prestige of CES Innovation Design and Engineering award for 2008. This latest cellular innovation from ASUS is designed to provide users with simple access to the latest GPS technology. Among the host of versatile functions, Travelog and Location Courier have been crowned as the most unique features on the P527. While Travelog enables users to record travel routes and export data to Google Earth, Location Courier serves as a S.O.S. device to send a user’s GPS position to five preset phone numbers…