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jason burandt Garmin Fenix 5x GPS Watch Sapphire Edition 4 extra bands 2 case protectors
❌2ttee❌  ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Devin Nunes Finally Said It…Hillary Clinton’s team working with Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS ‘probably set up the entire Trump Tower meeting as a way of entrapping the campaign.’ via @YouTube
Klaus Rieneck Norway tired of Russia's electronic warfare troubling civilian navigation: “Unacceptable and risky”
oc2o Arkon suction cup car windshield dash mount for gps navigation
Donald J. Fart bot Devin Nunes Finally Said ItHillary Clintons team working with Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS probably set up the entire Fart Tower meeting as a way of entrapping the campaign.
doctors GPs physiotherapists OTs Medic Footprints Fantastic roles in health and disability assessment! This role is suitable for doctors including GPs and other specialists, with various working arrangements. They also recruit allied health professionals (e.g. physiotherapists, OTs etc.). Interested?
❌2ttee❌  ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Devin Nunes Finally Said It…Hillary Clinton’s team working with Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS ‘probably set up the entire Trump Tower meeting as a way of entrapping the campaign.’
IndiaTodayTech 15 Fake GPS apps with over 50 million downloads spotted on Google Play Store
BlackTwitter Bernard Sithole Many people on Twitter think they are clever than others, but even the GPS can't locate them where they are in life 🤔 BlackTwitter
GooglePlayStore Malware CyberCrime SysTools Inc Fake Map & Navigation Apps on GooglePlayStore : Malware Expert Finds 15 GPS Applications With Over 50 Million Downloads Malware CyberCrime
techy recommended DealinCell Store Techy recommended Universal Car Dashboard Magic Anti-slip Mat Non-slip Sticky Pad Key Cellphone Mobile Phone GPS Stuff Pad Holders
FRED WYSOCKI "Dem Sen. Whitehouse: House GOP Effort to Obstruct Mueller Probe ‘Definitely Needs to be Investigated’" 3 levels of money laundering: Hillary campaign & DNC to Perkins Coie to Fusion GPS to Christopher Steele to buy a package of Russian gossip. To jail!
Lion of Africa You know.... @uber is like a box of chocolates.... Cause you never know what you’re gonna get... Sometimes you get breathmints and gum on the passengers seat... Sometimes your driver uses an app to scramble the gps so you pay 3 times more...
Hina Alam By comparison, Meng, is out on $10-million bail & living in a $5-million home she owns. Meng, who has legal counsel, has surrendered her passport and must wear a GPS monitor but is otherwise free to move around the city outside an 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew.
Cody {Be Brave} So, I turned GPS on and had to use uber this weekend. Today's served Google reads: ALL VEGAS related. & 2 Uber/Lyft articles.
NoTouch QPS Liza Brown With this new law against mobile phones and smartwatches NoTouch drivers have to fork out hundreds of dollars to buy GPS? QPS Hubby even told me that in Perth, it is not allowed to have phones on the front seats or you will be fined 😲is that true? 🥴
UnitedStoneMelbourne Sometimes experience, skills, knowledge is not enough, you have fuel, but nothing to light it with. I’ve always said this, our clients are the spark in our fuel in turning over the pistons with gps navigation...
classof2023 GPS Dunedin Girls Another dub...3-0 classof2023
RazorFox, y'all! Hate getting a new phone! Put off getting one for as long as I could, but my 3½-year-old Motorola's GPS function stopped working with any consistency. Spent most of the waking day so far getting my new phone to try to be as much like its predecessor as possible.
Gregory Butler You ignorant liar. You decided to do this 10 minutes b4 going there. You probably needed GPS to find the memorial b/c you have never seen it.
Hal Maas This is interesting: Planned Parenthood hired Fusion GPS at one point to try to “spin” the video that showed PP selling the body parts of aborted babies
GPWorkloadStudy Thank you to all our participants to date - it has been a great first week for the study with the first participants completing recording and many more actively recording. There is still plenty of time for any interested GPs to get involved - just email
Marshmallow Upgrade/Update acer liquid e600 6421 to 6.0 Marshmallow : liquid e600 1-7259.html Acer Liquid E600 Android Smartphone. Announced 2014, June. Features 3G, 5.0″ IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen, 8 MP Camera, Wi Fi, GPS, Bluetooth.Liquid E600
Spy App Best Cell Phone Mobile Spy Software Remotely Read SMS, Check Call & Track GPS Location -> not_found.jsp text message how to on g3
ICYMI Cycling ICYMI - Liam took a look at the computers of the pro peloton. It's the most diverse range of brands we've seen for ages.
Peter Schellinck A British runner, cyclist and mob hit man has been convicted of murdering two rival gangsters, in part, because his fitness tracker had a GPS.
Envisage Dental TV Hi guys your practice looks fab, could be even better with educating your clients whilst they’re in the waiting room, our TV solution is used in all GPs and Veterinary practices in your area. 👍
Alex Burns 🆎 The gps says were getting to the airport 5 minutes after our plane leaves ahahahah this is a joke
A M R // A L-A A S E R Always wonder if GPS has had some effect on infrastructure. how many side roads are being used way more cuz of them?
Scot Pollard Just used @tonyromo gps, got there faster and no traffic. The other cars had no idea
GPS EasyTracGPS Tracking How is GPS Improving? An Introduction to GPS III Equipped with the technology to home in on precise locations and resist jamming, the revolutionary GPS III satellites mark a new era for both space exploration and military operations.
Keith (N8XD) Thanks @sam210723! Sam has been experimenting with QFH antennas from radiosonde gps and the like. It inspired me to experiment as well. Since L-band signals seem to be repelled by my house, I put one on my car. The magnet mount wouldn't stick to my aluminium truck. :)
Ulf Lundberg🎗 Norway tired of Russia's electronic warfare troubling civilian navigation: “Unacceptable and risky”
feisty MoodMon Rick Milone Her GPS directed her to the rear of the building. The industrial area was shabby at best. Warily she surveyed her milieu & stepped from the car. He came at her unseen. "S'up blondy?" At 5'3", she was a feisty dynamo. A fast punch to his face dropped him to the dirt. MoodMon
GPnews BMA demands minimum 3.2% pay rise for GPs in 2017/18
The Lincolnite Boston and Lincoln are among locations where vacancies for family doctors are hardest to fill
Emily Tseng Whoa -- Kenya's just passed a national law adding DNA and GPS coords for every individual to their national registry. Note, Kuwait tried to do this in 2015, but their courts struck it down as an invasion of personal privacy:
Dr Nikki Curtis "It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease that what sort of a disease a patient has" HIPPOCRATES. What’s the role of GPs in addressing population health? More crucially, how do we find capacity to do it? @thekingsfund
GladysWest WOC GPS BlackHistory womenleaders Ainka Jess Congrats Dr. GladysWest. This WOC invented the GPS & was honoured by U.S. Air Force at The Pentagon BlackHistory womenleaders 🙌🏽
Madison crime news A Dane County inmate living at an East Side hotel thanks to a custody alternative program took off his GPS monitoring bracelet Sunday and escaped from custody.
Sandy Martin I call on the minister to improve training for GPs for conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis - far too many conditions remain unrecognised and undiagnosed for too long.
Vyncs Find out if your vehicle has been recalled | Vyncs GPS Tracker | Car Recalls: via @YouTube
St Clare Hospice Happy 5th birthday to our Hospice at Home team! So far, we've supported 2,000+ local families. Working closely with GPs, District Nurses, social and voluntary sector professionals, we hope to support more people than ever in 2019. Read more: @nhswestessex
Marshmallow Upgrade/Update acer liquid z630 7528 to 6.0 Marshmallow : liquid z630-7259.html Acer Liquid Z630 Android Smartphone. Announced 2015, September. Features 5.5″ IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen, 8 MP Camera, Wi Fi, GPS, Bluetooth.Liquid Z630
Lima NewsWeek GPS tracking device found under reputed NYC mobster's car after he was executed, feds say - Fox News
fleetmanager mentalhealth BlueMonday BrewMonday Teletrac Navman UK As a fleetmanager, driver safety is always a primary concern, and so empathising with the mentalhealth challenges drivers may face requires sensitivity, understanding and care. Our recent FAQ explains how we can support them.
Waterside Medical Centre The GP workforce is struggling to cope with increasing demand for NHS services. At Waterside Medical Centre we offer placements for Warwick Medical students to try and inspire training doctors to become GPs.
Linx International Group Very interesting reading on a Monday morning. With GPS technology advancing and becoming wearable, it appears to have become a useful tool to solve crimes.
Doctors GPs The Natural Health Blogger You know we've reached a low point in evolution, when doctors and GP's are having to be taught how to exude basic human qualities such as empathy and compassion for fellow humans who are in a state of distress due to being unwell and sickly lol. Doctors GPs
Nordic News Norway tired of Russia's GPS jamming troubling civilian navigation: “Unacceptable and risky”
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