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Pastor Vernice Seriale, Jr. If you are lost or feel lost and need directions in your life, enable your GPS "God's Positioning System" I once was lost but now I am Found. @pastorbigv Be Made!
00:00 Treat your life like a gps system would
WaitingForTheMovieToEnd🍊 New Durham revelations: DNC/Hillary lawyer Marc Elias testified before a grand jury. He has obtained more records from Perkins Coie, the Clinton Campaign, and Fusion GPS. This includes 396 e-mails between the FBI and Perkins Coie from 2016-2017
lex. Getting from one side of the city to the other w/ out a gps, I love that for me 😂
Peydelic Auburn with 2 points in 5 minutes?? Pearl must have Louisville in the GPS
Markie Balentine Things you didn't take into account -spy plans -intelligence gathering from russia or china -pictures leaking to social media -data bases full of photos of tracking everyone movements by GPS -leaking people movement locations
mydaysurveying William M. Cole Today’s boundary survey had existing monuments in a tree line. This tree line was mostly deciduous trees and greenbrier. I had to trim limbs and vines to get to the monument, then let the GPS receiver do the rest of the work. mydaysurveying
GP GeneralPractice Primarycare We are Primary Care Online help is now available from your GP practice. 💻🩺📱 Watch below, or visit to find out more. GeneralPractice Primarycare
Nursery Grimoldby Primary We have some lunchtime entertainment with a puppet show! 😄
nhs UKAuthority Pharmacy lead of Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board says new medicines optimisation system "will help prescribers increase effectiveness, safety and quality of prescribing in primary care and ultimately improve outcomes for patients"
Alhassan_Aliyu♥️✈️ Maryam🤩it must be a gps thing because I'm lost in those eyes lol, hi I'm Abiola☺️😉
Lincolnshire Reporter "Please don’t contact GPs or local hospitals to ask for a referral to be speeded up"
Danielle Why are gps and Drs still not seeing you and booking you in for appointments blaming corona still just no need 😩
Ian Syme A worker in winter: the hidden life of a GP – angry patients, anti-vaxxers, extreme goodwill and exhaustion
liebherr excavator leicageosystems Gareth Blythin I will have a Generation 8 Liebherr R930 available for self-drive hire next week. The machine is Leica MC1 GPS ready and fitted with q/h, side and rear cameras, 750mm pads, 3x buckets. Email/call 07701316004 liebherr excavator leicageosystems
Healthwatch Salford We are your health and social care champion. If you use GPs, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, care homes or support services, we want to hear about your experiences. We help people like you to have your say and get the information and advice you need. 👇
Fady K In 1904 first flight. In 1915 planes are militarised, in 1954 they are commercialised. Modernisation and innovation are motivated by efforts of war. See also the GPS and beginning of the internet. What does our future hold for us?
callkaye AlisonB Goodness sake @BBCRadioScot callkaye question is about access to GPs, personally mine been fine, anyway she just said dentists are back to normal, eh don't think so, have you tried to get a deep clean? My last one in January BUT they're in full PPE AND have to block time after
Liza Messing The hidden condition that ruins Women’s lives and GPs don’t understand.
Clare Coyne ‘As a doctor you want to help – not explain why patients must suffer’: one GP’s diary of this winter of discontent
Riverside Medical Practice Absolutely everything in this: it could have written about Riverside and we're sure a huge number of GP Practices in the country. Long but worth a read!
Dom Tristram There are pages about getting there by bus. And hey, guess what? GPS (and the Google Maps link) still work if you are cycling or walking! Yes, there should be something on the car page recommending public/active transport, but that’s a different point.
BBC Radio Scotland The Scottish Government says it'll fully restore face-to-face appointments with GPs as quickly as possible but insists it's not yet safe to do so. How important is it for you for GPs to get back to face to face appointments?
schoolbus schoolbuses schoolstudents Roorides Technologies available with Roorides: Real-Time Bus Tracking Robust Incident Management Integrated Technology Solutions Route Optimizations GPS Technology On-Board Bus Technologies
Gazza His symptoms were missed for months by GPs after he complained of headaches.
The Examiner Further investment in remote and rural GPs needed
Heather Coughlin Why are we not paying our family doctors for the work they do for their patients? If we continue to undervalue GPs this way we will end up with a primary care crisis - hundreds of thousands of British Columbians without a physician! Oh wait…
Dr Jenny Johnston ‘As a doctor you want to help – not explain why patients must suffer’: one GP’s diary of this winter of discontent
Bath Conservatives The @UniofBath website page telling visitors how to reach the campus gives GPS co-ordinates. Advice on using your Satnav. And where to park. Nothing about rail, bus routes, cycle routes, or walking. Perhaps the BANES Citizens Panel could consider that?
Panayiotis Kotsas Jr Coin Laundry Chicago,-87.764656...
Jen Yamada Ryosuke and Okamoto Keito used to have each other GPS, so they know each other locations.
Diane Roome 💙 Long read, but worthwhile ‘As a doctor you want to help – not explain why patients must suffer’: one GP’s diary of this winter of discontent ‘As a doctor you want to help – not explain why patients must suffer’: one GP’s diary of thi … - On top of this, she runs a vac -
Network Presence AgNetIOT offers LoRa and LTE-M GPS sensors combined with the included Thingsboard mapping and monitoring backend gives you up to date mapping location data for assets and staff across your farm or across the country.
RNZ News Covid-19: South Auckland GPs brace for surge in Omicron cases
bangkok infrastructure History OnceWasSiam สะพานมหาดไทยอุทิศ (Mahat Thai Uthit bridge) circa 1914 with ubiquitous 7/11 and Tuk Tuk in recent photo. Some sources mention construction of the bridge costing ~57,000 baht.
NoOneUkno U.S. states sue Google over location-tracking My state is one suing them, should sue them for more than this, though. Like, BAD GPS. Granted, Google thinks I'm in San Francisco, for some reason
xRAJ Searched successfully from both of the GPS😉😆
Degold Agriculture looks different today. Our farmers are using GPS and you can monitor your irrigation systems over the Internet
The Best Way To ... The easiest way to serve kale, is to use gps on the apple watch
arc + red every hour GPS's are fine but... Why not just use a map? They're very practical, y'know
Tickeron $GPS enters a Downtrend as Momentum Indicator dropped below the 0 level on January 18, 2022. View odds for this and other indicators:
Spy App Best Cell Phone Mobile Spy Software Remotely Read SMS, Check Call & Track GPS Location -> spying on t on phones for
RR Infamous Da Champ Hey @WWE , give this man a gps locator. He’s been lost for months
𝘋𝘰𝘶𝘣𝘭𝘦 𝘟 I’m getting tempted if I wasn’t on GPS I would be on dirt 😂😂😂
Dr Cobi Ali Calyx New pandemic-caused policy in SA means our 18mo's vax & healthcheck is cancelled at our GP clinic. This policy undermines primary healthcare & increases people mixing/travelling outside their local area. Contradictory messaging around GPs is rife in Australia's pandemic response
Safaa ♏︎ I get lost and make wrong turns even with my gps on it’s not even funny anymore
Cohen Karr Wish my gps was less bright so i could sleep while i’m driving
❄️ Jacq ❄️ I love when the GPS map for the delivery driver makes it look like they're driving through backyards and over houses to bring my food. It makes me feel special
Paul Joseph Nyse: gps 7.94% nyse: bbwi 5.90% nyse: payc 5.13% nasdaq: ctxs 5.16% nasdaq: czr 5.25% nyse: bby 5.11% nyse: uri 5.05%
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